Great news! Our outlets will be resuming operations from 1st October; however, you can place your bookings as soon as 27th September 2021!

About Us

Beauté Library focus on the largest organ of a human’s body – the skin. Top to toe, we have first the customised facial treatment to target different need of different skin type; secondly, the sophisticated treatment machines for various issue with the body; bust enhancement and reshaping for the confidence and pride of a woman from the inside out; also effective removal of the hair to add radiance and glow to the smooth velvety skin; lastly the ultimate spa experience to sooth and relax the mind at the same time pampering the body.

The Power of Flora

We believe in The Power of Flora. Being the second highly pursued elements after a women’s beauty, we want only the most natural and delicate ingredients in our in-house formulated products. That is why we only chose to have our ingredients from the most prestige source all over the world. Thoughtfully and selectively developing the skin care that has to first pass none other than our own skin and conscience. Not to forget the goodness from other natural ingredients, we ensure that our product not just deliver benefit to the skin but also satisfaction to our clients.